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Lost Under the Guidance, Prt.2

Lost Under the Guidence-medium size.png

Hopelessly entangled in search for a consummation; a moment of stability on the edge of an accidental burst… The multiplicity of possible outcomes – an anticipation of a new promise and the discovery of the illusion. The illusion of freedom. 

The combination of classical composing techniques and the improvised nature of a jazz composition generates predictable spontaneity, well anticipated but not predetermined. It is this combination of the anticipated and the non-fixed that pushes the development of the music.

The conflict of nylon strings’ rigid sound and the mellowness of Fender Rhodes reflects the sonata’s antagonistic complexity, inviting a listener to join the unconquered schizophrenic freedom of intimate controversies.

The full album can be purchased at 

Lost Under the Guidance prt.2


Out Now!

Lost Under the Guitance, Prt.1

A debut album featuring Hlib Baisha's Trio. Pre-order at

Out Now!

Lost Under the Guitance, Prt.2

A debut album featuring Hlib Baisha's & Mike Roelofs. Pre-order at

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